Providing IDPs with Safe Water

The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the camps located in the target districts in Al-Jawf governorate face a major challenge in obtaining safe water. The reason for this is due to the scarcity of water sources, which has led to a scarcity of water that exacerbated the suffering of the IDPs. In order to cover their water needs, the displaced men, women and children had to travel long distances, which may take hours fetching for water. It was arduous especially for children and women, not to mention the perils that they might be exposed to during their round trip to fetch water. 
In response to the IDPs' need for water, YARD CCCM team conducted a need assessment for Germ Site, so as to identify the need realities and to propose an intervention. Upon the completion of the need assessment, it was shared with service providers within the area, but the proposed intervention did not receive a response. Then YARD sensed the social and humanitarian responsibility towards those IDPs. So, it included the intervention within the maintenance activities of the CCCM Project, where then the activity was implemented.
After the activity implementation, the CCCM team met with Mr. Yahya Naji and his wife, Ra’eesah, and their family which consists of 9 members. Ra’eesah spoke about the suffering of the family from the lack of water and said: “We have suffered a lot over the past months to find a way to get water in order to cover our daily water needs, and we had to travel long distances to reach the water well.” Then she added, “The lack of water greatly affected our personal hygiene, as showering was limited to once a week. For this reason, YARD intervened in Germ camp by rehabilitating the water source. When we asked Ra’eesah about her opinion on the intervention, she replied, "Now I can cover my family's water needs, as the water point is very close to the camp, and this will not make us worry about access to water." Then concluded, "We are grateful to YARD as we can now wash clothes and take care of the daily cleanliness of the house."


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