Childhood Facing Displacement: How CCCM Team Provides Assistance to Displaced Children

Ahmed, who is 12 years old, is the eldest of his three brothers. Due to the war and the constant bombardment, Ahmed's family was forced to flee their home in the Khab wa ash Sha`af district, heading to a safer place, until they finally settled in the Al-Shajin Camp, which is the IDP Camp in Al-Marashi district. The experience of such a forced displacement prevented Ahmed from continuing his education and going to school, and from friends to play with. Ahmed often sits alone to think about the playground in which he used to spend most of his time. So, Ahmed tells us in his own simple words: “I miss my school and the field of trees that my family owns. I miss my home; I miss everything in my town.” However, the feeling of loneliness is what Ahmed was suffering from more than anything else. Ahmed's father, who is concerned about his eldest son, tells us: “My family has gone through a long and harsh journey of displacement, and I am worried about my children future, because they will remain without school or study for this period.” The feelings of loneliness and sadness that filled Ahmed's heart had been clearly disappeared upon such a humanitarian implemented activities by YRAD Camp Coordination and Camp Management Team, by launching series of fun games, which brought great happiness that spread among all participated children. Consequently, Ahmed and his siblings delightfully began to play with other children; they forgot the ordeal of displacement they are experiencing, even for a short term of time.
On the other hand, the CCCM Team shared the camp’s need for service providers in the region to provide temporary education tents, and then conducted awareness raising for the population regarding camp management. UNICEF also provided two tents for learning purposes, equipped the tents with the necessary tools of illustration, and provided the children with books, bags and stationery. Ahmed and the rest of the children got the chance to go back to school.


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