A Beam of Hope Makes Wonders

Driven by the current conflict, the family of Ms. Abeer, had displaced from Al-Marashi district of Al-Jawf Gov. to Sana'a city. Abeer, telling her story, explained the very harsh living conditions she and her family had experienced in Sana’a and the worsened circumstances that made the family decide to go back to Al-Marashi district. Upon return Abeer is almost hopeless. She heard about and approached the IDPs CC, which based in Al-Marashi, where she was registered to benefit from one of the UNHCR supported Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) implemented by YARD in late 2018. One of the QIPs was in the form of one month handmade accessories training course with the provision of full accessories kit to enable the target female beneficiaries kick off their small business. Abeer is an ambitious person and was very keen to learn and benefit from this offered opportunity. Later on, the team of the IDPs CC visited her as she had further improved her skills and started production and marketing of her handmade accessories. To further encourage Abeer move forward and maintain her small income-generating project, she was provided with MPCA of 100,000 YER through the UNHCR supported IDPs CC.
 Abeer is an example of a strong woman who worked hard, fought and struggled to survive, and now she is the one taking care and providing food for her poor family!!


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