Emergency Assistance Makes Great Impact

Zaid is an IDP from Dhamar. He was a vegetable vendor. He displaced to Bart Al Anan (Al Jawf governorate) in 2015. Zaid worked as a cleaner in a hospital as once he arrived there. His salary was tiny so that he could not afford the basic life necessities. It was such a great burden of responsibility to take care of his daughter and his wife. The rigor of life coerced him to work in another job. Hardly could he save up money to open a micro store to work in it as a cobbler and live in it with his family. unfortunately it didn't work for a long time,  his small store was completely demolished by the conflict., Zaid and his family were still alive wonderingly. After this catastrophe the whole family obliged to live under no shelter. Zaid and his family were completely down and out living In an open area with severe cold and terrible place till they received the assistance, which was really a great help for them. Zaid expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone helped him to have this assistance in such hard circumstances.


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