During our field visit, we met Hadi Fahas who is an IDP, originally from (Raziza – Al-Yetmh) which was completely destroyed by armed clashes; He lives in an open area completely down and out. Hadi was forcibly displaced to Al Hadramiya in Alsha'af sub-district. Hadi complained of the harsh life that he and his ten family members were living before the conflict demolished his home as well as the miserable life situations they faced in this area. Hardly could he feed his family, Hadi and his family live a very tragic life. They keep water in cans which may help the spread of diseases. When YARD team arrived to the area where hadie's family live, they were so happy not because of the assistance they might receive but because they found someone checking on them. It isn't easy to forget the happiness that was on Hadi's family faces when they received the materials.


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