Long Journey of Displacement that Saleh

Saleh, 62, is displaced from Al-Qaif with his family that consists of 11 members. Due to the recent military escalation in Al-Jawf, and with the intensification of bombing villages and civilian gatherings, Saleh family was forced to flee to the Al-Matrouh camp in Rajuzah district, a safer area. Saleh said: “I went out with my family from our house carrying nothing but the clothes we wear, until we reached Matraf Camp in the district of Rajuzah, where then lived in this worn tent without mattresses or cover, as we wanted just to survive. The people of the nearby village helped us and gave us an old mat and two mattresses to sleep on.”
The hardest thing that Saleh faced was when he saw his children asleep at night on their worn-out mat, remarking, "Twenty days have passed, since we were in this situation. I felt it as twenty years."
As YARD, in partnership with UNHCR, is implementing a CCCM project, the team paid a field-monitoring visit and evaluated the needs of this family. Then the team circulated the needs among the available service providers in Al-Jawf and with constant follow-up, Saleh's family received some valuable humanitarian responses by YARD RRM project. As well, Saleh’s family members assisted with the provision of Food Baskets, NFIs and shelter assistance, whereas some of the family members got access to maintain ID Cards.
A while after Saleh had received the humanitarian assistance, YARD CCCM team paid another field visit and met with Saleh who highly welcomed and thanked them for their continuous concern about his family. He said, "Since we met with the YARD team, we received the expected humanitarian response that helped us very much”. He added," Our children can now sleep on cozy mattresses and enjoy the warmth of the sheets they received, as well as the NFIs, shelter and food baskets. Moreover, we hope that one-day we return back home, sleep safely on our beds, but upon the end of this war”.
Saleh is just an example of the many more Yemeni families who forcibly displaced, with barely very humble family needs, if nothing to mention for some other cases, experiencing hard times with his children in remote, scattering and arid areas with lack access to food, water, health and shelter.

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