Not a Mere RRM

Mr. Hamood Mohammed Hamood Abu Samrah is 28 years old. He is an IDP from Khab wa ash Sha'af district, but is now in Rajuzah. He has a family of 4 members; yet living in an open area in a torn tent that covered with cut-off pieces of plastic sheets.
The SCMCHA Representative in Rajuzah has informed RRM team about this family. Upon the assessment of our Protection (CBPNs Member), the family was targeted with the RRM Kit assistance and immediately referred to the IDPs Community Center (IDP CC) of YARD as to be targeted with Protection and Shelter assistance.
Mr. Abo Samrah was extremely cheerful when he received the granted assistance from UNFPA through YARD and he was very grateful for such assistance that came on time. He said, "I thought we are forgettable in this place. I never thought that somebody might come and provide assistance to my family.” He added, “I’m really grateful to hear that you have some more additional help through your IDPs CC. I will try to reach and inform about the need for shelter.”


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