“We hope we can go back one day, but we hear there is still ongoing Clashes”

Due to the continual conflict in Hajja governorate, Jabr’s family was displaced from Al-Tawir village of Hajja governorate to Kharab Al-Marashi district of Al-Jawf gov. Jabr is, 41 years old, is responsible for a wife and 7 kids.
Our house was completely destroyed by air-strikes so we had to leave everything behind seeking a safer place.Jabr said. Jabr moved with his family to a Village close to their in the same district in Hajja and within a short period of time they were forced to leave the area, Hajja Govt.
This family is destitute and lives in a torn-out plastic tent as they have nowhere to go. Funded by UNFPA, YEMEN Al Khair for Relief and Development Foundation (YARD) provided Jabr and his with RRM Kit and referred his case to service providers, including Community center.
Jabr narrated his story In 2021, the conflict reached our village in Bani Qais Al Tawir District and if we stayed any longer, we would not survive. We left our village, heading to a safe place and didn’t take anything except some clothes. I sold my goats for a cheap price to cover the transportation costs in an overcrowded car. My wife got sick because of the hard journey; Until now, we know nothing about our home. We hope we can go back one day, however We heard that there are still ongoing clashes, but We only got this torn plastic tent and blanket to live and it is completely unsafe. The neighbors gave us bread and milk, we were ashamed to ask for help. We thought about borrowing money but we didn’t know how to pay it back. My children cannot go to school, because I could not afford the expenses. When we arrived here, we had nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Our clothes got so dirty. We didn’t have soap or even jerry cans to bring water from the well.
When YARD came to the village and supported us, my family and I got back to life.
I hope you are not the only who will give us such assistance. Jabr finally Said.

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