Providing IDPs and Affected People with Potable Water Supplies Through Trucking

Amira Abdulkhaleq Boraish is 35 years old lives near Al-Farsha water point in Al-Maton District in Al-Jawf governorate. She has 5 children 2 boys and 3 girls. She used to go long ways to fetch water to her house from remote distances. Sometimes, when she is busy at home, her children go to fetch under the hot sunny weather. Moreover, Amira was suffering from kidney pain due to the lack of pure water in her area. “My children and I suffered from fetching water from long distances to bring water to our house”, Amira said.
YARD within the emergency WASH project, funded by UNICEF, constructed a water point in her displacement area and supplied potable water to the point through trucking.
Now, Amira among many other IDPs became able to get access to clean potable water. They got easy access for potable water, and their children are not required to go for long ways to fetch water. However, after few days, Amira is no longer suffering the kidney pain and her health condition got improved. She was very grateful for the service that alleviated their suffering and changed their life conditions to the better.

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