Happy to Qwn Shelter (NFIs)

Mana'a, 39 years old, was displaced from Bart Al-Anan to Al-Ghayl district with his family. He is ahead of his family and has not been able to find a source of income for them due to a disability in his foot during the conflicts in the area two years ago.
The family benefited from the Protection, Shelter project through distributing NFIs in June 2021, as that led to the provision of necessary mattresses and Blankets which they need.
The head of the family has been working in the cultivation of the land for two years, but due to the injury, he is unable to work and provide the necessary needs for himself and his family. Now he works in the care of sheep to provide the daily food for his family of (8) members.
The economic situation of the family changed positively, after helping it through the activity of distributing non-food items, which helped the family to provide the necessary needs to live in a safe and dignified shelter.


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