A family of six children with their mother was met in Rajuzah during the assessment of YARD Team. The whole family live in an open area without any source of income or anybody taking care of them , we asked them about the head of the household, unfortunately  we were told that ( Saleh Tarish Ali Azzanam ) committed a suicide two months before when the situation became unbearable and he couldn’t find any source to feed his family. It was very tragic what we heard from the wife who informed us that life became so miserable after the loss of her husband..The family was so desperate despite that they seemed to be hopeful when receiving the assistance, they informed us that our visit made them feel that they are not in oblivion, as they requested us to deliver their message to the stakeholders who can assist them to have any other assistance that can alleviate the hardness of the harsh situation they face currently, they expressed their gratitude to UNHCR and YARD for providing such assistance that was granted to them in a proper time.


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