The UNHCR Cash Assistance Program Team in a Visit to Al-Jawf Governorate
Tuesday, 21 June, 2022

The UNHCR Cash Assistance Program Team in a Visit to Al-Jawf Governorate

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Mr. Baggit Anil Gaur, the Official of Yemen's Cash Assistance Program, Mr. Ibrahim Madaghesh, Program Assistant, and Mr. Farhan Al-Manbahi, the UNHCR Field Officer of Sa’ada branch office, on a visit to Al-Jawf Governorate. There, an expanded meeting was held under the chairmanship of the governor of the governorate, Al-Shaikh Faisal Haider, and in the presence of the SCMCHA branch director, Mr. Khaled Shaje’a, to discuss the cash assistance program for the Protection, Shelter/NFI and CCCM Project implemented by YARD in the governorate.
The governor of the governorate emphasized to the visiting delegation the need to meet the current needs in Al-Jawf governorate in accordance with the capabilities currently in place and move to providing sustainable projects that have a feasible impact, like the renovation of war-damaged homes and the reconstruction of infrastructure so that the IDPs can return to their homes.
Mr. Baggit Anil Gaur, for his part, emphasized the significance of the unconditional cash assistance program and its effects on the beneficiary family's ability to purchase food and medicine, as well as the impact of such assistance on the local market and supporting the governorate's economy, pointing to what the governorate governor and the director of SCMCHA branch said about those other needs and that it will be put up for discussion with the UNHCR high management.


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