Coordination Meeting with Service Providers in Al-Jawf Governorate
Tuesday, 21 June, 2022

Coordination Meeting with Service Providers in Al-Jawf Governorate

On Tuesday, 21st of June 2022, a coordination meeting was held with service providers in the governorate, in coordination with the SCMCHA Al-Jawf branch, and within the activities of the Camps Coordination and Camps Management that implemented by the YARD in Al-Jawf Governorate.
The meeting was held at YARD Office in the Al-Hazm district in the presence of Mr. Khaled Shaje'a, the director of the governorate's SCMCHA branch, and a number of service providers such as (NFDHR, SFHRP, RRM Project Team, and Emergency Shelter Project Team).
During the meeting, they discussed the most important needs of the IDPs sites hosting, the referral mechanism and coordination between humanitarian partners.
The current interventions and comprehensive future plans were also discussed to be clarified to service providers for prior coordination of those who have the ability to provide interventions to IDP hosting sites and how they can help fill the gaps and needs.
At the end of the meeting, the Director of SCMCHA Branch, Mr. Khaled Shaje’a, affirmed the council's readiness to provide all the necessary facilities to provide the services in the governorate. Also, the CCCM Project team showed their willingness to share all data and details of needs with any service provider wishing to intervene and coordinate with the relevant authorities.


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