Psychosocial Support for Displaced Persons
Sunday, 02 June, 2024

Psychosocial Support for Displaced Persons

Individuals affected by conflicts and displacement often face significant psychological pressures that lead to widespread suffering and weaken their ability to survive and adapt. These pressures, resulting from losses and difficult situations, cause feelings of distress, fear, anxiety, guilt, and despair. In response to these challenges, the Yemen Al-Khair for Relief and Development Foundation (YARD) has provided psychosocial support services to displaced and affected persons in the districts of Khabb Wa Ash Sha'af and Al-Ghayl in Al-Jawf Governorate. This is part of the project to enhance protection and education services and support the management and coordination of camps for displaced persons, funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) and coordinated with local authorities.
This program targets women, men, and children, with a special focus on children who are the most affected psychologically and socially. Activities include non-specialized psychological counseling sessions and recreational events for children, as well as psychological and social awareness sessions held in the friendly space in Al-Ghayl district. These interactive sessions and activities aim to promote emotional expression and provide psychological and social support, helping to achieve psychological balance and stability, overcome challenges and difficulties, and renew hope after traumatic experiences.
The foundation also provides psychological support to women in the safe space in Khabb Wa Ash Sha'af district through activities such as learning sewing and embroidery. This support aims to empower women and girls psychologically and professionally, enhancing their ability to face life’s challenges.
During the period from June 2023 to June 2024, psychological counseling services were provided in the districts of Khabb Wa Ash Sha'af and Al-Ghayl to 50 cases, and 800 beneficiaries received psychological awareness sessions.


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