Prevention Campaign for your Health
Sunday, 28 June, 2020

Prevention Campaign for your Health

As per the outputs of the conducted Workshop implemented by YARD, on Wed. Jun.24th, 2020 for building the capacity of the displaced community center team in Al-Jawf governorate in order to sensitize the community on COVID-19 Pandemic, which is funded by UNHCR.
In the absence of media service and lack of awareness among Al-Jawf communities, the awareness campaign is being launched from the IDPs Community Center under the title of, "Prevention Campaign for your Health" against COVID-19 Pandemic. The campaign would last for 3 days, starting on Sun. Jun.28th, 2020 and ending on Tues. Jun.30th, 2020, yet in coordination with the National Center for Health-Demography Awareness in Sana'a, and in cooperation and coordination with the branch of the SCMCHA and the Department of Health Education in the governorate.
The campaign targeted districts, sub-districts, and villages of (Bart Al-Anan – Kharab Al-Marashi – AlMaton) through airing audio messages and distributing awareness posters in order to sensitize the communities in public places, marketplaces, and remote countryside areas that are far away from social media like TV and the like.


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