Rapid Response Mechanism Project (RRM) 2021

Rapid Response Mechanism Project (RRM) 2021

Al-Jawf Governorate UNFPA 3851 Jan to Sep 2021
About the Project

Due to the recent escalations of the ongoing conflict in Al -Jawf, displacement increased and resilience decreased, resulting to higher needs to protection from critical epidemic outbreaks.
UNFPA, collaboratively with UNICEF and WFP, leads the efforts of distribution of immediate most critical life-saving most critical life-saving assistance for newly displaced persons who are on the move, in collective sites, hard to reach areas, or stranded in the military frontlines. This involves the distribution of immediate response IRR rations provided by WFP, basic hygiene kits (BHKs) provided by UNICEF, and women’s dignity kits TR provided by UNFPA, within 72 hours of receiving a displacement alert.
In partnership with the UNFPA, YARD has been implementing the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) Project, covering 12 districts of Al-Jawf governorate, where about 12,380 RRM kits were distributed, since 2021, targeting 12,380 households (82,139 Individuals).

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